The 5th Edition of the International Conference on Optimization and Applications

Innovative engineering

April 2019, Kenitra

The 5th Edition of the International Conference on Optimization and Applications (ICOA2019) provides a high-level international forum and an excellent venue for scientists, researchers, academic faculties, students, industry leaders, and others in the fields of optimization to present, discuss and publish their recent research results and approaches. The conference is an opportunity to develop new ideas and collaborations, to be aware of the latest search trends in the optimization techniques and their applications in the various fields.
This 5th edition is enriched by very important special sessions that deal with problems using the latest methods of optimization.

All accepted and presented papers will be published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library and indexed in Scopus

Under the patronage of IEEE and MSEST

Conference ICOA2018 Proceedings Indexed By IEEE :

All accepted and presented articles of ICOA2018 are published in the conference proceedings and indexed by IEEE Xplore Digital Library


Extension of the concept of optimization by recent research with applications in several domains (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, industrial engineering, telecommunications engineering, finance ...) by the various algorithms and methods.


This conference will allow researchers, industrialists, creators, challengers, professionals and users of numerical methods to follow
the latest developments experienced by different methods on optimization and simulation, including the use of mathematical models.

On schedule

Lectures by professionals
from the field.
Tutorials on specific topics
related to optimization .




Honorary Committee

Prof. Dr. ELMIDAOUI Azzeddine

President of Ibn Tofail university

Prof. Dr. ERGUIG Hassan

Acting director of ENSA Kenitra

Prof. Dr. SOULAYMANI Abdelmajid

Director of doctoral center at UIT


General chair

  • Prof. Dr. HACHIMI Hanaa

General Co.chairs

  • Prof. Dr. BENHALA Bachir
  • Prof. Dr. MANSOURI Khalifa

Local chairs

  • Prof. Dr. ADDAIM Adnane
  • Prof. Dr. KAICER Mohammed


  • Prof. Dr. Bachir Benhala
  • Prof. Dr. Jelloul El Mesbahi
  • Prof. Dr. Habiba CHAOUI
  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa MASLOUHI
  • Prof. Dr. QBADOU Mohammed
  • Prof. Dr. RAIHANI Abdelhadi
  • Prof. Dr. YANN Ben Maissa
  • Dr. Abderrahim Abdellaoui
  • Dr. Chaimae Essaidi
  • BENBRAHIM Houssam
  • ECH-CHADI Mounir
  • El MOKHI Chakib
  • KOULOU Aicha
  • NADIF Bouchra


  • Prof. Dr. BELHAJ Laila
  • Prof. Dr. BOUKLATA Bouchra
  • Prof. Dr. MABTOUL Samira
  • Prof. Dr. OUMAIRA Ilham
  • Prof. RHATTAS Naoual
  • DAOUDI Mohammed
  • ZAIMI Amine





  • Prof. Dr. ELMESBAHI Jelloul FS Ain Chock Casablanca, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. Ghassane Aniba Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs(EMI) Rabat, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. NFAOUI El Habib FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. XIE Min College of Science and Engineering, Hong Kong (Fellow IEEE)
  • Prof. Dr. YOUSSFI Mohamed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco


  • Prof. Dr. BOUMHIDI Jaouad FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. DAROUICHI Aziz FST, Marrakech, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. ESTEBAN TleloCuautleINAOE, Mexico
  • Prof. Dr. OUKAIRA Aziz University of Quebec, CANADA
  • Prof. Dr. SADIK Mohamed ENSEM Casablanca, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. YANN Ben Maissa INPT Rabat, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. Zouhair Gennoun Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs(EMI) Rabat, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. ZOUINE YounessENSA, Kenitra, Morocco


  • Prof. Dr. BOUATTANE Omar ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. EL-GHAZALI Talbi University of Lille, France
  • Prof. Dr. ELLAIA Rachid EMI, Rabat, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. FAKHFAKH Mourad ENET, University of Sfax, Tunisia (Senior IEEE)
  • Prof. Dr. HMINA Nabil ENSA, Kenitra, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. PEREIRA Pedro University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Prof. Dr. TARBOUCHI Mohamed Royal Military College, Canada
  • Prof. Dr. YALAOUI Farouk UTT of Troyes, France


  • Prof. Dr. JRAIFI Abdelilah ENSA, Safi, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. KAICER Mohammed FS, Kenitra, Morocco


Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Dr. ABOULAICH Rajaa (EMI, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ADDAIM Adnane (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. AIT MADI Abdessalam (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ALCANTARA CARDOSO Patricia (Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. AOUATIF AMINE (ENSA Kenitra, Maroc)
  • Prof. Dr. Aschraf Wajih Université Islamique India
  • Prof. Dr. ASSIF Safaa (ENSA Eljadida, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BABOLI Armand (INSA de Lyon, France)
  • Prof. Dr. BASSATTO Samuel-jean (Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr. BENDIAB Mohammed (Areva, Allemagne)
  • Prof. Dr. BENHALA Bachir (UMIM, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BENHLIMA Said (FS, UMI, Meknes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BENJOUAD ABDELGHANI (UMI, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BERDAI Abdelmajid (ENSEM Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BIERLAIRE Michel (Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne, Swiss)
  • Prof. Dr. BOUATTANE Omar (ENSET, UH2C, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BOUDI El Mostapha (EMI, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BOUKOURAY Jamal (ESCA, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BOULIOZ Hafida (ENSA-Agadir, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BOUMHIDI Jaouad (FSDM Fez, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BOUVRY Pascal (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Prof. Dr. BRI SeddikEST (Meknes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. BROURI Adil (ENSAM, Meknes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. CHAOUI Habiba (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. DANDACHE Abbas (University of Lorraine, France)
  • Prof. Dr. DERROUICHI Aziz (EST-Essaouira, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. EDUARDO Souza de Cursi (INSA Rouen, France)
  • Prof. Dr. El Abdallaoui Ensa Kenitra
  • Prof. Dr. EL FATINI Mohammed (UIT, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. EL-GHAZALI Talbi (University of Lille, France)
  • Prof. Dr. EL GOURI Rachid (University Ibn Tofail, ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. EL HAMI Abdelkhalek (INSA-Rouen, France)
  • Prof. Dr. EL HAMI Norelislame (ENSA-KENITRA, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. EL KARKOURI Khalid (Aix-Marseille, France)
  • Prof. Dr. EL KETTANI Elyousfi (FSK, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. EL MARKHI Hassane (Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University Fez, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. EL OUADGHIRI MoulayDriss (FS, Meknes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. EL YAAKOUBI Nouzha (FSR, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ELALEM Wafae (UM5, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ELLAIA Rachid (EMI, Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ELMESBAHI Jelloul (FS Ain Chock, Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ELMOUMEN Samira (Univh2, Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ESTEBAN Tlelo Cuautle (INAOE, Mexico)
  • Prof. Dr. ETIENNE Alain (ENSAM, France)
  • Pris. De. Kal Dhou, PhD Visiting Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems Breech School of Business, Drury University Springfield
  • Prof. Dr El Makhfi Noureddine FST AL-Hoceima, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr LACHHAB Abdeslam EST Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr TAZI El Bachir EST Khenifra, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr ED-DAHHAK Abdelali EST Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr TAZI El Bachir EST Khenifra, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Amity University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  • Prof. Dr. ETTABAA Mohamed (EMSI, Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ETTOLBA Mohammed (INPT, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. FAKHFAKH Mourad (ENET, University of Sfax, Tunisia(Senior IEEE))
  • Prof. Dr. Francesco Massuli Unige Italy
  • Prof. Dr. GUARMAH Mahdi (ERA, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. GUEROUAT Fatima (EST-Salé, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. HACHIMI Hanaa (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. HILALI Nabil (ESCA, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. HMINA Nabil (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. HUSSAIN Shahrair (Kennesaw, USA)
  • Prof. Dr. HOUMANI Hanane (ENSEM, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. IDRISSI Najlae (ENSA-Bnimelal, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ILLOUSSAMEN El houssein (ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. JARIR Zahi (FSSM, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. JRAIFI Abdeilah (ENSA-Safi, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. KAICER Mohammed (FS-Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. KHALID Najib (ENIM, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. KISSI Mohamed (University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. KLEMENT Nathalie (ENSAM France, France)
  • Prof. Dr. LAKHOUIT Abderrahim (Usherbrooke, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr. LAAMARTI Sefian Mohamed (UAE, Tetouen, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. LOTFI Bouchra (EST-Berchid, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MABTOUL Samira (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MADINI-ZOUINE Zhour (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MAKHLOUFI Abderrahman (INSA-Rouen,France)
  • Prof. Dr. MANSOURI Khalifa (ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MARKTANI ALAMI Malika (ENSA Fez, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MASLOUHI Mostafa (ENSA-Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MAZRI Tomader (Ibn Tofail University, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MDAGHRI Ibtissam (ENIM, Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. Mehar Chand Baba Farid University India
  • Prof. Dr. MEJRI Mohamed (ULAVAL, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr. MESBAHI Abdelouahed (ENSEM, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MGHAZLI Zoubida (FSK, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MONTEIRO Fabrice (LGIPM, University of Lorraine, France)
  • Prof. Dr. MOULOUDI Abdelaziz (FSK, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MOUSAVI S. Meysam Shahed University, Iran
  • Prof. Dr. MOUSSAID Nourddine (FST, Mohammedia, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. MRAOUA Mohammed (HEC, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr. Narinder Singh Baba Farid University India
  • Prof. Dr. NAJI Abdelwahab (ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. NAMIR Abdelwahed (FS Ben M'Sik Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. NASSER Tamou (Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. NFAOUI El habib (FSDM Fez, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. OBAID Abdelatif (UQAM, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr. OUHIMMOU Siham (UnivH2c, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. OUKAIRA Aziz (University of Quebec in Outaouais, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr El MALKI Zakaria EST Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr EL GUERBAOUI Mohammed EST Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr EL BANNAY Omar ENSA Khouribga, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr El Makhfi Noureddine FST AL-Hoceima, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. OUMAIRA Ilham (ENSA-Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. PEREIRA Pedro (University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Prof. Dr. POIRIER FranckLab-STICC (University Bretage Sud, France)
  • Prof. Dr. QBADOU Mohammed (ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. RABBAH Nabila (Hassan II University, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. RACHIK Zineb (EHTP Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. RADGUI Maryem (INSEA Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. RAGDUI Amina (INPT, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. RAIHANI Abdelhadi (ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. REBBANI Ahmed (Hassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. RIYAMI Bouchaib (UBS, France)
  • Prof. Dr. RZIZA Mohammed (FSR, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. Saadi Shaimaa Ensa Kenitra
  • Prof. Dr. SABBANE Mohamed (FS Meknes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SABIR Essaid (ENSEM Casablanca, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SADIK Mohamed (ENSEM UH2C, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SAID Sami (Telecom-Tunis, Tunisie)
  • Prof. Dr. SAIDI Rajaa (INSEA, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SALHI Bachir (ENSET Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SALLAOU Mohammed (ENSAM de Meknes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SBAI Khalid (EST Meknes, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SELMAOUI Karima (UIT Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. SEMLALI AOURAGH HASSANI Naoual (EMI Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. Soumya Sen, University of Calcutta, India
  • Prof. Dr. SIADAT Ali (Arts et Metiers ParisTech Metz, France)
  • Prof. Dr. SIARRY Patrick (University of Paris XII, France)
  • Prof. Dr. SIMEU Emmanuel (University of Grenoble-Alpes, France)
  • Prof. Dr. SOULAYMANI Abdelmajid (FSK, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. Sunil Khatri Amity Iniversity India
  • Prof. Dr. TALBI El-Gazali (Universite de Lille 1, INRIA Lille-Nord Europe, France)
  • Prof. Dr. TARBOUCHI Mohammed (Royal Military College of canada, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr. TAVAKKOLI-MOGHADDAM Reza (University of Tehran, Iran)
  • Prof. Dr. TKIOUAT Mohammed (EMI, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. TLELO-CUAUTLE Esteban (INAOE, Mexico)
  • Prof. Dr. TOLLENAERE Michel (Grenoble-inp, France)
  • Prof. Dr. TORRES Jairo Rafael (MontoyaUnivS, Colombia)
  • Prof. Dr. TOUMI Abdelghani (UIC, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. XIE Min (College of Science and Engineering, Hong Kong(Fellow IEEE))
  • Prof. Dr. YALAOUI Farouk (UTT of Troyes, France)
  • Prof. Dr. YANN Ben Maissa (INPT Rabat, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. YOUSSFI Mohamed (ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ZEJLI Driss(ENSA-Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ZIANI Mohammed (UM5, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr. ZOUINE Younes (ENSA-Kenitra, Morocco)
  • Prof. Dr El AMRAOUI Mohamed FS Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr RAHMANI Abdelhai FS Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr EL AMRANI Aumeur FST Errachidia, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr EL AMRANI Aumeur FST Errachidia, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. Anand Nayar Duy Tan University, Vietnam



  • Prof. Dr. AIT MADI Abdessalam ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. OUAJJI Hassan ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco


  • Prof. Dr. EL GUERBAOUI Mohammed EST Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. ELAMRAOUI Mohamed FS Meknes, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. MASLOUHI Mustapha ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. TADLAOUI Ahmed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco


  • Prof. Dr. BAHATTI Lhoussain ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • Prof. Dr. MADINI-ZOUINE Zhour ENSA Kenitra, Morocco


Local committee

ENSA Kenitra – Ibn Tofail University - MOROCCO
  • Prof. Dr. ABBADI Laila
  • Prof. Dr. ADDAIM Adnane
  • Prof. Dr. AIT MADI Abdessalam
  • Prof. Dr. AMINE Aouatif
  • Prof. Dr. BELFKIH Samir
  • Prof. Dr. BELGHITI Mly Taib
  • Prof. Dr. BENBRAHIM Mohammed
  • Prof. Dr. BOUKLATA Bouchra
  • Prof. Dr. CHAOUI Habiba
  • Prof. Dr. EL FADIL Hassan
  • Prof. Dr. EL GOURI Rachid
  • Prof. Dr. EL HAMI Norelislam
  • Prof. Dr. ERGUIG Hassan
  • Prof. Dr. MABTOUL Samira
  • Prof. Dr. MADINI ZOUINE Zhour
  • Prof. Dr. MASLOUHI Moustapha
  • Prof. Dr. OUMAIRA Ilham
  • Prof. Dr. ZEJLI Driss
  • Prof. Dr. ZOUINE Younes
  • Prof. Dr. Abderrahim Bajit
  • Prof. Dr. Aniss Moumen


    Student Committee

    • AKHRIF Zineb
    • ARHZANE Amine
    • AROUADA Yassir
    • AZZOUZ Fadi
    • BELATI Kawtar
    • BELCADI Jihane
    • BOUMLIK Sanae
    • DOUBLALI Kawtar
    • ELJABIRI Adnane
    • ELKHAOUDI Salma
    • ELOTMANI Houyam
    • FKIHI Anas
    • GUOURCH Otmane
    • JDI Ali
    • KHBIZI Ayoub
    • LAANAZ Nouhaila
    • LAARIF Ikram
    • LYMOURI Maha
    • MALMOUM Ayatarrahmane
    • MOUNIR Soukayna
    • SAFI Badreddine
    • SOUKAR Oumaima



    They are directors, research professors and managers and they have the honor to welcome you to the various seminars planned for the days of the conference.

    Schedule and Tutorials

    Comming soon

    submission of papers on registration: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icoa2019

    Call For Papers and Registration

    List of Topics

    The ICOA2019 conference seeks original and high quality papers. The topics are:
    • Tools and Methods

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Learning Algorithms
    • Combinatorial Optimization and Mathematical Programming
    • Numerical Methods
    • Linear and Non-linear Programming
    • Multiobjective Programming
    • Parallel and Distributed Computation
    • Bio-inspired Computations and Neural Networks
    • Fuzzy systems
    • Evolutionary Computing
    • Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms
    • Hybrid Algorithms
    • Dynamic Optimization
    • Continuous Optimization
    • Fields and Areas

    • Electric, Electronic engineering
    • Embedded Systems
    • Telecommunication Engineering
    • Robotic
    • Control and Mechatronics
    • Physics
    • Civil Engineering
    • Smart Grids and energy systems
    • Smart city and traffic simulation
    • Aerospace, Naval and Marine Engineering
    • Transportation, Logistic Engineering
    • Software and Computer Engineering
    • Big data
    • Scheduling and Data mining
    • Bio mathematics
    • Automotive mechatronics
    • Aviation
    • Submission Guidelines :

    • A-All submissions should be written in English.
    • B-Submitted papers must be unpublished and not considered elsewhere for publication.
    • C-Only electronic submissions in PDF format will be considered.
    • D-Papers must be 4-6 pages, including references, figures and tables, according the IEEE format

    Fees and extra charges:

    Attendees Early Registration Fees*
    (by March 15th, 2019)
    Late and on-site Registration Fees*
    (after March 15th, 2019)
    Moroccan Students: 1600 MAD (€ 160 ) 2200 MAD (€ 220 )
    Moroccan Academics: 2200 MAD (€ 220 ) 2800 MAD (€ 280 )
    Internationals: 2700 MAD (€ 270 ) 3300 MAD (€ 330 )
    Industrials: 3200 MAD (€ 320 ) 3800 MAD (€ 380 )
    IEEE Members: -15% 0%
    Extra paper charge (1 paper Max): 1000 MAD (€ 100 ) 1000 MAD (€ 100 )
    Listener, Accompanying Person (attendee without paper): 1100 MAD (€ 110 ) 1500 MAD (€ 150 )
    Extra page charge (For each additional page above 8 pages): 250 MAD (€ 25 ) 250 MAD (€ 25 )

    (*) The registration fee includes conference Proceedings, coffee breaks, lunches, welcome reception, and closing;
    (*) All bank charges have to be paid in addition to the registration fees.
    (*) "Bon de commande" are not accepted.
    (*) Students must provide concurrently with the Registration Form an official university letter confirming their status as full time students and the degree program they are enrolled in.

    Important dates

    Research Paper Submissions :

    04 January 2019

    Notification of acceptance:

    March 10, 2019

    Camera-ready :

    March 25, 2019

    Conference date :

    April 25-26, 2019

    Submission deadline:

    January 04, 2019

    Submission deadline extended to February,04 2019

    Bank Transfert informations

    The bank Name: Crédit du maroc
    The bank branch: Avenue MLY Abdelaziz kenitra, MAroc
    RIB: 021 330 000003401589252503
    IBAN: MA 021 330 000003401589252503
    SWIFT Transfer Code: CDM AMAMC

    (*) Payment must be made only through the bank.
    (*) Deadline to make the payment is the 15th of March 2019 .

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    The event will be held at

    ENSA Kenitra


    National School of Applied Sciences

    The National School of Applied Sciences Kenitra is a great school of Moroccan engineers established in 2008 by a partnership between the University Ibn Tofail and the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon. Currently the school has 5 branches: Electrical - Industrial - Computer - Networking and Telecommunication Systems - Automative Mechatronics.

    Contact us

    Email : icoaconference@gmail.com

    Prof. Dr. HACHIMI Hanaa


    Mobile: +212667884931


    ENSA Kenitra, Post Box 242, University Avenu, Kenitra 14 000 MOROCCO.

    Tel: +212 537 32 94 48

    Fax: +212 537 32 92 47

    Reaching Kenitra :

    From Rabat-Sale Airport :

    By taxi then train : a taxi from the Airport to Sale Tabriquet costs about 90MAD, and it takes 7min for 7.7km. Then the train (train pass Every half hour), it takes 30mins and the price is 16MAD for 2nd class.
    By taxi : the run is approximately 38.5km, and takes 27mins 250MAD-300MAD.
    by car: the route is 38.5km, takes 27mins and costs (price Approximate fuel) 55MAD-75MAD.

    From Med 5 Casablanca Airport :

    By train : Casablanca Airport is located about 159 km of kénitra. The train station at the airport is located in the basement of Terminal 1 Airport trains ar available from 4 am to 22pm every 60mins. Travel time between the airport and Kenitra is between 2:39 and 3, with a change in the Ain sebaa station or Casa Voyageur (see your ticket). It costs 94 MAD 2nd class, 1st class 159 MAD.
    By car : 1h51 mins, and the approximate price of fuel is between 260MAD to 300MAD.
    by taxi then train : the taxi price is between 230MAD and 300MAD (Negotiable), it takes 30mins to get to Casablanca train station, then the train to Kenitra, the price is 51MAD 2nd class, 1st class 95MAD.

    Hotels :


    Address : Hotel Jacaranda place Administrative 14000 Kénitra
    Tel : +2125 37 37 30 30
    FAX : +2125 37 37 19 26
    GSM : +2126 68 99 29 99
    Email : hoteljacaranda@menara.ma
    Website : http://www.hoteljacaranda.net

    Mamora Kenitra Hotel

    Address : Avenue Hassan II, Kénitra, Morocco, Kénitra, Maroc.
    Tel : +212 (0) 5 37 37 17 75
    Tel(2) : +212 (0) 5 37 37 13 10
    FAX : +212 (0) 5 37 37 14 46
    Email : contact@hotelkenitra.com
    Website : http://www.hotelkenitra.com

    RELAX Kenitra Hotel

    Address : Kénitra, Parc d'activité commerciale Marjane
    Tel : +212 5 37 36 59 59
    FAX : +212 5 37 32 77 55
    Website : http://www.relaxmaroc.com/index.php/villes/kenitra?view=featured

    Moroccan Red Crescent

    Centre National Formation des cadres, Mehdia offer special discounts to graduating students and guests that require accommodation. Students/faculty should make their reservation directly (e-mail, phone).
    Tel : +2125 37 38 81 57
    GSM : +2126 63 06 36 54
    Email : nahi91@gmail.com
    Website : http://croissant-rouge-marocain-mehdia.e-monsite.com

    Sponsors and Partners

    The involvement and sponsorship of our sponsors plays a major role in the success of our event




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    Kenitra city

    The event will be held in Kenitra city, a wonderful place to be.

    From Kenitra ... To ...Marrakech ... To Morocco