26-27 March 2018 ENSA Kenitra

International Conference on Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

( TEM'18 )

1st   Edition March 26-27, 2018 Kenitra, Morocco


Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (TEM) are nowadays the cornerstone of modern sciences. Especially, mathematical modelling has become a privileged tool in the realm of technology and engineering for explaining phenomena, optimizing, decision-making and forecasting. The aim of this first edition of TEM'18 conference is to highlight recent developments in these areas of applied sciences. For this purpose, TEM conference will bring together a group of renowned academic researchers and professionals to discuss current issues and challenges faced by engineers in their various activity areas from both theoretical and practical points of view.

Honorary Committee

Pr. EL MIDAOUI Azzeddine President of Ibn Tofail university
Pr. HMINA Nabil Director of ENSA Kenitra
Pr. ESSAMRI Azzouz Dean of The faculty of Sciences


MASLOUHI. M   Ibn Tofail university. ENSA Kenitra


EL FATINI. M   FS Kenitra
HACHIMI. H   Ibn Tofail university. ENSA Kenitra


Addaim. A (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
AMINE. A (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
El GOURARI. A (FS-Kenitra Morocco)
KABBAJ. S (FS-Kenitra Morocco)
SETTATI. A (FST-Tanger Morocco)
MRHARDY. N (FP-Khouribga Morocco)
FAKHRI. Y (FS-Kenitra Morocco)
FAKHAR. R (FP-Settat Morocco)
BELGHITY. M.T (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
GRETETE. D (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)

Scientific Committee

ABDOUN. O (FPLarache Morocco)
ABOUCHABAKA. J (FS Kenitra Morocco)
ADIB A (FST, Mohammadia, Morocco)
AIT KERROUM. M, (ENCG Kenitra, Morocco)
AKDIM. Y (FP Taza Morocco)
ALLA. A (FS Rabat Morocco)
AMINE. A (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
AMRI. B ( University of Tunis)
BELGHITY. M.T (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
BENHALA. B (FS My Ismail, Morocco)
BENTALEB. A (FS-Moulay Ismail Morocco)
BIERLAIRE Michel (Ecole Polytech of Lausanne, Swiss)
DAHIR. R (FS Hassan 2 Morocco)
DALI. K (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
EL ALAOUI. I (Université Ibn Tofail, Morocco)
EL AZZOUZI. A (FP Taza Morocco)
EL FATINI. M (FS Kenitra Morocco)
EL GOURARI. A (FS. Kenitra)
EL HAMI. A (INSA-Rouen, France)
EL HASSOUNI. M (UM5, Rabat, Morocco)
EL MERABET. Y (Ibn Tofail University. Morocco)
El BACHIR. A (FS Kenitra Morocco)
EL-GHAZALI Talbi (University of Lille, France)
ELAIBI. A (OCTO Techology, Morocco)
ELLAIA. R (EMI, UM5 , Morocco)
FAKHAR. R (FP Khouribga Morocco)
FAKHFAKH. M (ENET, University of Sfax, Tunisia)
FAKHRI. Y (FS Kenitra Morocco)
GRETETE. D (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
HACHIMI. H, (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
HADI. Y, (FS, Kenitra Morocco)
HANNAD. Y (Ibn Tofail University, Morocco)
HATTAF. K (CRMEF Casablanca Morocco)
IBRAHIMI. K (Ibn Tofail University, Morocco)
ICHIBANE. Y (EMI, Morocco)
KABBAJ. S (FS Kenitra)
KHALI. I (Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra Morocco)
KONDAH. A (FS Kenitra Morocco)
LAASSIRI. J (Ibn Tofail University, Morocco)
LAKHRISSI. Y (ENSA Fes, Morocco)
LAMNII. A (FST Settat Morocco)
MABTOUL. S (ENSA Kenitra, Morocco)
MANSOURI. K (ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco)
MASLOUHI. M , (ENSA Kenitra Morocco)
MESKINE. D (EST Essaouira Morocco)
MRHARDY. N (FP Khouribga Morocco)
RADGUI. A, (INPT Rabat Morocco)
RADI. B (FST Settat Morocco)
RAGHAY. S (FST Marrakech Morocco)
RAISSI. N (FS Rabat Morocco)
SAADANE. R (EHTP Casablanca, Morocco)
SADIQ. A (Ibn Tofail University, Morocco)
SAIDI. M.N (INSEA Rabat, Morocco)
SBAA. M (CRMEF Casablanca Morocco)
SETTATI. A (FST-Tanger Morocco)
SIARRY. P (Paris 12 University, France)
SIDI AMMI. M. R (FST Errachidia Morocco)
TABII. Y, (ENSA Tetouan, Morocco)
TAIK. A (FST Mohammedia Morocco)
TAJANI. C (FP Larache Morocco)
TILIOUA. M (FST Errachidia Morocco)
TRIDANE. A (UAEU, Al Ain-United Arab Emirates)
YAFIA. R (CUAM Agadir Morocco)
YALAOUI. F (Institute of Troyes, France)


Kasso A. OKOUDJOU. University of Maryland, College Park. USA
Nico STOLLENWERK. Lisbon University, Portugal.
Maira AGUIAR. Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Mohammed MRAOUA. Ernst & Young, Canada.
Serge DOS SANTOS. INSA Centre Val de Loire, France.
Ali BAKLOUTI Faculty of Sciences of Sfax, Tunis.
RAGGAD. Bel G Seidenberg School of CS & IS, Pace University, New York.
Samir CHAFIK Auvergne University, France.